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Executive, Directors and Observers at the 23rd AGM in 2014.

Current Issues

   BC Court Case Attacks Medicare: On  September 8, 2014 a court case begins that
         threatens the Canadian public health care system. See ACER-CART President Lauber's
         letter requesting retired teacher support for the defense.

AGM 2014:   The AGM was held on Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7, 2014. Four seminars
       were conducted on Thursday, June 5 at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel. The AGM venues were a
       combination of the Ottawa Marriott Hotel, 100 Kent Street, Ottawa (seminar, banquet, and
       accommodation) AND the Canadian Teachers Federation office, 2490 Don Reid Drive, Ottawa (AGM
       sessions). Click on the AGM Report button at the left to access photos of the 2014-15 Executive
       and the AGM regional delegates.

Teacher Myths: Keith Rispin's article "15 Myths Used To Demonize Teachers"  provides
       arguments to deflect the criticism of those who attack teachers and teaching to complain about
       their local taxes.        

Hear My Voice - ACER-CART Directors at the 2013 AGM unanimously agreed to support the
       Canadian Teachers' Federation "Hear My Voice" campaign. 
This was also supported at the 2014
       AGM. The campaign aims to shine a light on excessive government secrecy, corruption and waste,
       attacks on unions and the decline of democracy, while highlighting the messages that good
       government means listening to all voices and that teacher organizations speak for individual

Pension Funds - They are good for the economy! See several articles (click on the Articles
      button on the left) for information on an important study of Canada's ten largest public pension
      funds. Also added are articles on political dangers to pension plans, and ways to support CPP.

The Council on Aging of Ottawa Summer Bulletin -  There are deep seated issues
       facing Canada’s health care system: the population is aging, the institutional structure of the
       system is considered by many to be inefficient, and cost increases for health care services
       far outstrip inflation. Articles in this edition focus on: the need for private clinics as a way of
       improving access and services, the need for better funding and organization of the public health
       care system, a proposed a blending of private and public systems, etc. See it HERE.

Seniors care anxiety could swing next federal election -  Almost six in 10 voters in
      26 key ridings across Canada say they would support another party if their current political brand
      fails to make seniors care a priority in the next federal election, says a Nanos Research poll. See
      it HERE.
Principles to Guide Health Care Transformation - A document produced
      by the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Nurses Association to guide
      transformation of Canada's health care system. See it HERE.

ACER-CART supports CMA on Health Principles - News release is seen HERE.

Johnson Inc. Report: A lot of good information is available in reports on the
       national health scene prepared by Johnson for the RTO/ERO. See them below:
           2012 Nov 2013 Feb; 2013 Mar; Aug 2014 Jan; June

Social Media Information: The Alberta Retired Teachers Association website has a
       comprehensive information page on the various social media, What it is, Why to use it, and How
       to get started: You Tube, Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and Linked In. See it HERE.

BCRTA REPORT: The retired teachers' association in BC produced an interesting report on
       "The Volunteer Work of Retired Educators," identifying the nature, scope, and extent of the
        volunteer activities of retired teachers. Click HERE to see it.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15 each year.  An article on this
       issue is available HERE. The WEAAD website is HERE.

 CPEAC You are invited to go to the LINKS page to access information on the Canadian Public
       Employee Acquisition Club (CPEAC)
, an affinity group not available to the general public.
       must register as an individual to participate.    


NEWS FROM THE REGIONS                                                                                            

          BC Seniors with ACER-CART are taking action against reductions in health care. See the news story HERE.

ACER-CART supports the BCTF: In a letter to the British Columbia Teachers Federation,
         ACER-CART President JoAnn Lauber expressed support to the BCTF as they seek to improve
         learning conditions in the BC public school system.



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